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compares using leet today with "your dad trying to say some slangs to look cool". Eb and Lantry, though mostly on Eb's part. Air"s : At one point, Shepard throws the air"s back in Spartacus' face. Might be part of their Sibling Rivalry. Lazy Artist : Blatantly so here, where instead of drawing Hanzo's complex tattoo on his left arm, the word "tattoo" is literally written down it in brown instead.

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There's amusingly little context to dating websites for women it outside the lampshade hanging. El-Hazard, Jinnai always has this near-psychotic hatred of Makoto, school ace and a, nice Guy to boot, who easily makes friends with anyone, including Jinnai's own sister Nanami. Good thing the enemy heavy was sympathetic. Gil is a crueler version, as he often makes crude comments towards Phil's family members (especially Claire) just to be a dick. The So-Called Coward : Faceless Void believes this of Anti-Mage, because the latter keeps running away from fights. Angie thinks she is trying to make a real suggestion.

James: Why do you think I'm doing this? Commander: to his wife What do you mean, "Don't fight Canadian Guy to death on the front lawn?" Why else would I invite Canadian Guy over!? The guard assumes that it was his imagination. In private, the companies all helped one another.