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where he remained until the completion of the exhumation/ cremation operation in March. This detailed investigation also led nowhere. It was Bauer's impression that under this alias Hackenholt had obtained work as a delivery van driver, and when pressed for further details he said he believed the vehicle Hackenholt was driving was a Faun van. After the honeymoon my husband returned again to the east. The interrogators next turned to the question of the official declaration of death of Lorenz Hackenholt requested by Frau Hackenholt in Berlin in 1953, two years after she moved to Tiefenbach. 64 (Page 19) This incident witnessed by Ilse Hackenholt occurred on 3 November 1943 and marked the beginning of a two-day massacre, code-named 'Erntefest' (Harvest Festival during which over 42,000 Jewish prisoners were murdered by SS and police units at the nearby Majdanek concentration camp. This was immediately before we were disarmed by British troops.

As it was known that Hackenholt was a ruthless character and drank a lot, it was thought there may be a notification under one of these names for a traffic or drink/driving offence. Civilian clothes were bought for them at the expense of the Führer's Chancellery, and after spending the night in a guest house on the Hallesches Ufer, the SS-NCOs were driven in a bus to Grafeneck castle in the Swabian Alps south of Stuttgart in Württemberg. Her statement continues: When I am cautioned that there are depositions from several witnesses that my husband survived the war, then I can say that this could be correct, but it does not alter the fact that I have not seen him since the war. Report to the Senior State Prosecutor at the Regional Court in Munich I, dated.8.1960. In Tiefenbach on the same day, another house search was carried out at the 'Sonnenhuttle' chalet by two plain clothes officers of the Grenzpolizei on a warrant issued on the same grounds as the one in Gelsenkirchen. After a conversation with the stranger that lasted perhaps 10 minutes he left, promising to return two days later for the clothes. 44 After a one month break in the gassing operation at Belzec in the spring of 1942, the original gassing shed was torn down and a bigger, solid installation of brick and concrete was constructed which contained six chambers, three on either best free sex dating apps side. We were further told that gas chambers were to be built in which the victims would be gassed, after which they would be cremated. She continued to insist that she had committed perjury in the Berlin court solely in order to obtain the war widow's pension.

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