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deal with the horror and exorcise those exes once and for all. Leave it be and they will either stop haunting (because they're not getting the rise out of you they want) or they'll haunt (read: grieve) in silence.". Theory 2: Keeping their options open. All these people in the world and you have to stalk me? They won't reply to any of your messages and definitely won't call you, but they will like your new Facebook profile and Insta posts, just to remind you they're still there. The only real definition of that line is the other person's preference. Theory 1: Letting them down gently. They originally went on a few great dates but he decided that he wasnt looking for a relationship so things came to a natural conclusion. Don't Engage, giphy, first off, don't engage.

You don't deserve to be haunted. It eats at them that things are over and they must stay connected in their own way. Instead of blanking them completely, the haunter likes Instagram posts as a way of saying they're over it, but not in a brutal 'we're not speaking anymore' kind of way. Other articles this reader would recommend:.

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Ghosting is not some fun Halloween tradition, but rather, a person disappearing suddenly after dating someone for a limited period of time. Both parties unfollowed each other on their respective social accounts and went on with their separate lives or so Tara thought. "Regardless of why someone is haunting you, acknowledging the haunting will justify it to the 'haunter' and drive you crazy. Haunting is the new term to describe the lingering presence of exes in your digital life. I would add that personally, I think some people just do it for the hell. They may even use it to show that theyre still interested in you in the hopes of rekindling your relationship. I was on a romantic weekend away with my boyfriend and had uploaded a selfie earlier in the day, as well as a few Instagram stories of our travel adventures, she explained. Some people find their potential significant other knowing all about them as an attractive trait, while others do not. It was official, I was being ghosted.

Either way, unfollowing them will help you stop thinking about them altogether. Communication ceased for no reason.

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